Sally Goddard Blythe MSc. Author and Director of The Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology in an interview explaining Neuro-developmental delay and its impact on the body and the psyche.

A short, to the point animation made by a therapy centre Early Roots in Oklahoma explaining NDD and the therapy treatment.

Trailer to a short documentary film made by Andrea Thornton, a mother with a child diagnosed with ADHD. She desperately did not want to put her child on medication and after discovering neuro-developmental therapy and having gone through the process, she made this film about her journey. The half hour film is now available on Amazon.

Dr. Levinson linking dyslexia and ADHD with the inner-ear mechanisms (vestibular system), Motion and its relationship with emotions(motor sensory system). Also discussing the secondary psychosis that is brought about by an insecured balance mechanism. 

A site to understand more on dyslexia, attention and learning

Behaviour Optomistry test both your visoin as well as sight, meaning they will work out how your eyes see. British Association of Behavioural Optometrists is a network of highly qualified and motivated Optometrists, with a specialist interest in how vision affects learning.

A charity that can design one-off equipment for you to help your child with specific needs. They have produced a sensory shell chair that is worth a look. Make a request to your frequented public spaces, ie your school, if you think they could benefit from having one, visit the website to see what it looks like.

If you would like to get a book for more detailed understanding these are good ones to start with. Click on the book and it will take you to Amazon.

Completing this preliminary questionnaire produced by The British Journal of Occupational Therapy

 can be the 1st step in getting an idea if you have neuro-developmental delay.

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